Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Contributions of Affairs Valentino

I am starting a list here of all the elements and knowledge I/we have brought forth to contribute to Valentino's history which has been shunned, mocked, defamed, shamed and ignored by a campaign spearheaded by Tracy Ryan Terhune. In this campaign to bury our books under a mountain of lies... those interested in Valentino are prevented from knowing..

These are a few of the things we contributed to the Valentino history... I will be adding to this but these are what comes to mind initially... for the record the following is but a partial list of the things we discovered:
  1. The fact the S. George Ullman was exonerated completely by the California' Court of Appeals, that the money he owed the estate was money Alberto Valentino already spent which Ullman dispersed it to him believing he was a rightful heir.
  2. The entire story of Frank Mennillo and who he was.. remember Emily Leider said Mennillo was a real estate mogul in New York? False. He was not.
  3. That Rudolph Valentino was paying the monthly mortgage on Teresa Werner's home on Sycamore Street in Los Angeles.
  4. That a second page of the will turned up missing which was, by the process of elimination, removed by Lou Mahoney.... Valentino was dead and Alberto was not yet in Los Angeles.
  5. The documentation of who George Ullman was, what happened to him as a result of the estate disaster.
  6. That Alberto Valentino claimed he lived in Turin... when there is no record he ever did.
  7. That the entire case file of Valentino's probate records was stolen
  8. That Ullman's Valentino archive was stolen from his garage and now those documents are appearing in collections which were purchased from the Bill Self estate.
  9. That those missing court records were in the possession of Valentino collectors and the Valentino family.
  10. That according to Alberto, Valentino tried to adopt his nephew Jean and failed.
  11. That Valentino owned and operated a research laboratory, Cosmic Arts and all the business details of that enterprise.
  12. That Natacha as the sole stock holder in Cosmic Arts, had control over Valentino's contracts.
  13. That Valentino walked into the Emergency Room in the Polyclinic Hospital.
  14. That Valentino's body was embalmed
  15. That his shipping case was still in existence.
  16. That Valentino smuggled Canadian whiskey into the US on the Mineralava Tour
  17. That Joe Schenck funded Alberto Valentino's litigation v. Ullman
  18. That the Valentino world is controlled by a vicious syndicate of liars/haters/bullies
  19. That the story of Valentino's life is manipulated by collectors
  20. That these collectors are willing to destroy people to elevate their status as collectors
  21. That Valentino was not gay
  22. That the entire Andre Daven as gay lover was a huge hoax and utterly false
  23. That Daven left New York owing Valentino a fortune/35,000 francs
  24. That Mennillo was Valentino's godfather
  25. That it was Valentino who sent Natacha Rambova away... forcing her to sign away her role in his business..
  26. That Ullman was an honest man.
  27. The details of the day Natacha left Los Angeles and that Rudolph sent her away, etc. the signing of the documents and what they were.
  28. That the Brothers Valentino had a rough relationship
I will leave it at 28 for this morning and continue with more as time goes on...