Sunday, April 5, 2020

Tracy Ryan Terhune & David Bret.. Today Hoping for Our Deaths

Today I found the following (the excerpt below) in an old file which was written in 2013. I find it a curious thing I found this today on April 4, 2020, because Tracy Ryan Terhune, today, posted a death wish for my husband and I on the blog he runs under my book's title in which he included the words, “tick tock”.. as notice of, and wish for...the rapid passing of our time left on earth...(we have the screenshot of his "tick tock" post)  where his sycophants David Bret and Christina Wagenti, Chris A. Wagenti chime in with a comment how we, as old folks, certainly do not have much time left...etc. Tracy Ryan Terhune also adding to his death reference how he wishes we would crawl back under the slimy rock we crawled out of or some such thing. 

In this horrendous time of global pandemic, when loved ones are dying and families grieving...we see Tracy Terhune jingling his shiny objects/Rudy relics for his followers pleasure while at the same time he is wishing us/hoping for our imminent deaths.

So as I read the following as excerpted from a 2013 post by David Bret, an e-mail he sent actually...the ominous and death threatening two words of Tracy Ryan Terhune jumped out at me...

I quote preserved in documented screenshots and the e-mail server…from David Bret in 2013:

"Twenty-four hours to remove this s**t, you cow-c**ting piece of s**t. Twenty-four hours.
If not, a fatwah goes into operation.
You will be tracked down and they will rip your f****ing insides out and choke you on your liver.
Not an idle threat.
This boy has NOTHING to lose.
He needs to see you in your f****ing casket, and it WILL happen--don't know where or when--but it will happen.
Scum like you belongs only under the earth...
So whichever way it happens, you lose.
Dead, dead, dead.....

Tick-tock....tick tock.

You won't see another Christmas, you evil, lying, obnoxious c**t...."

Now in 2013, I added the following note to this e-mail:

I could write from such a space of rage but I choose not to. I have lived too long to not be circumspect. I head out into cyber space, daring to put myself and my work out there. The effects have been profound, make no doubt about it. But I will die trying to have this story told.

It is spring, new life takes advantage of the warm times to reproduce, flourish and enjoy the heat of another season going by. I spring to life, I say to them I am not done yet. I know they sincerely wish I was done....for they are not your everyday bullies...they are the old guard...who have been at this death wishing for nearly a decade now. 

A silence surrounds their abuse, their mind-boggling audacity to continue at all costs. I wrote a book for god's sake...get over it.”

Today, on April 4, 2020, seven years later... I read the very same words by Tracy Terhune, issued as his threat that our time on this great earth is almost up... due to our old age and with his sniggering...Tick tock... tick tock...” 

How depraved and sadistic in these deadly and scary times to wish any member of the most vulnerable... death.

I wrote a book...they need to get over it.