Monday, April 20, 2020

Get the Facts Straight

I want to add in response to Tracy Ryan Terhune's latest “bash Ullman for the bowtie” post...that Alberto had no legal authority at all to remove anything from the auction of Rudolph Valentino's belongings. Everything was the property of the estate which belonged rightfully to Jean Valentino. As executor Ullman was charged with the task of liquidating the estate and paying Valentino's huge debt. Which he did.

Alberto was ordered by the probate court on several occasions to return some things he “removed” (Kabar and a car)... he had no right to the jewelry or the clothing either. Ullman should have been more aggressive in demanding all of that be returned. I think the fact that he was not more aggressive about this demonstrates his generosity towards the Valentino siblings then. These items were assets of the estate and Alberto was not a rightful heir. And sadly... the cash value of everything Alberto “removed” was added by Alberto to the sum Ullman owed the estate.

So think about that.. Ullman as executor allows Alberto and Maria to take a fortune in expensive things which once belonged to their brother. When the second page of the will was found, and it is revealed they are not heirs... they sue Ullman for the money and the cash value of those items he allowed them to “remove”.

In Tracy Ryan Terhune's post today he carries on this bizarre legacy of denial of the facts. In saying Alberto “removed” these things from the sale also contradicts what Lou Mahoney claimed. Lou claimed Ullman removed the jewelry and sold it all for a huge profit. In Terhune's post he disputes Mahoney 100% and admits Alberto had illegal possession of the clothing and jewelry which he had zero right to have at all.

And to Tracy Terhune I will say to please stop bashing innocent people.

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