Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Sincere Report by Renato Floris

On this day of resurrection I want to apologize to my most loved person, my wife Evelyn, who under her pen name Evelyn Zumaya has long been well known in the world of Rudolph Valentino's fans. Yes, I want to apologize because I have waited too long to make my voice heard in her defense and I hope she forgives me.

Some time ago, I dared to define the Forewarning... which Evelyn was forced to write about ten years ago and which was published in the first edition of her book Affairs Valentino as... "a sincere report".

Now, after almost 11 years Tracy Ryan Terhune is still here complaining about the so-called bad things written, which he claims are about him, by this “villain”, Evelyn in the Forewarning.

But I dispute this so let's examine these iniquities.

Per Tracy Ryan Terhune, this is what he wrote:

That she wrote I was/am a Valentino Cult Leader?
That I might shoot people in the back of the head in a movie theater?
That I was making crank telephone calls (to people I didn't even have their phone #)
That I used drugs?
This is “A sincere report”??”

It is a fact that the name of Tracy Ryan Terhune never appears a single time in this Forewarning and that therefore it is he who recognizes himself.

What she wrote is easy to understand even without much intellectual effort.

So let's see what Evelyn really wrote eleven years ago which Tracy Terhune is still so very upset about today.

As for the Cult Leader, it will be helpful, first of all to clarify the meaning of the term cult: In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal.

So I think that to be a leader within a group of people sharing a common interest in Rudolph Valentino is not something to be ashamed of or offended by.

Let's add that every year Tracy Ryan Terhune celebrates the anniversary of Rudolph Valentino's death very close to his tomb with a display of his collectible relics that some of the fortunate are permitted to touch and all with inspired readings and with the secular recitation of sacred texts. If this is not a cult, then what is?

I respond to Tracy Ryan Terhune's second and third statements by citing the actual text of Evelyn's Forewarning itself:

"I was invited to dinner one evening at Musso and Frank's in Hollywood by a woman who received non stop crank calls on her cell phone during the meal. She was adamant the calls were coming from the Valentino cult leader. She informed me that she had crossed swords with this person when she broke rank and launched her own Valentino fan forum. Every time the phone rang she would answer and yell some profanity about the cult leader into the phone. I remember thinking, "Who would believe this incredible story?" She even told me she wanted to attend a showing of a Valentino film that night but feared this man would be there and that he might actually try to kill her. "If I do go," she said, "I will sit behind him. If I sit in front he could shoot me in the back of the head. " She was serious. I was amazed."

In reading these few lines it can easily be deduced that Evelyn has never accused Tracy Ryan Terhune of these iniquities but she simply reported and in amazement, what she experienced and what other people said and did: if this is not a sincere report, tell me, honestly what is it? And although Evelyn kept all the names anonymous in the Forewarning, Tracy Ryan Terhune posted publicly the name of the woman receiving the crank calls. How would he know this if he had nothing to do with it?

Regarding the last statement, "That I used drugs." Evelyn writes:

During the years it took to write this book, people have contacted me 'off the record' with stories of the cultists' behavior. For example, I was told of drug use within their rank and file."

If Tracy Ryan Terhune recognizes himself in these lines, the problem is truly only his because no one has ever openly accused him of any of this. Regarding the term which seems to annoy him the most,"Magus of Myth" I want to reveal that this was a scholarly suggestion from Padre Michael Morris, a great, iconic man of prayer and culture.

Evelyn was forced to write that sincere account after the horrible year of 2010 when Tracy Terhune and David Bret worked together to destroy her work, her book and her peace of mind. And still after eleven years that is all they can find to complain about when it was the truth and very, very sincere. 

Happy resurrection to all!

Renato Floris