Tuesday, April 7, 2020

More of My Defense and Response

I would prefer to not have to address the following but Tracy Ryan Terhune is again pushing me to do so by continuing to post lies on that blog he runs to harass and defame us. He has been lying about us with impunity for a decade and I will continue to defend and respond the best I can:

It seems the “go-to” response for Tracy Ryan Terhune is to just say everyone, except for him, is lying. Why would George Ullman need to concoct a lie to his children about the Rambova letters? They only remembered them when I came along late in their lives and asked them about things his father had. It was not a huge deal for them but something they remembered seeing in his desk drawer. They also remembered the incident with the other agent. They were not people who lied. Must Terhune seize every opportunity to bash Rudolph Valentino's closest friend and trusted business manager, George Ullman? I do not think this is something Valentino would have appreciated... at all.  

But here is the breaking news on his response: If he truly believes these items were sold on the “Black market”... then where did he get them? How did Self come to own them? Terhune is openly alledging these are stolen items which he accuses Ullman of having no right to own. In this accusation he implies these things belonged to the Valentino family. And Bill Self told me that the Valentino family claimed ownership of most of his collection but they would let him keep it until he “kicked the bucket”. (His exact words). He also told me Jean Valentino carried a list of items he was seeking to recuperate for the family. 

So how is it okay for Terhune to own things which he claims were stolen and belonged to the Valentino family? Makes one really wonder...How is he one bit better than the person he is accusing of stealing these things to sell on this “mythical” black market. He makes it seems as if they were sold in some back alley like a bag of drugs with Ullman twirling his mustache like the stereotypical villain. Things sold anonymously through a dealer hardly constitutes an illegal transaction. Terhune's constant use of the words, “Black market” in connection with Ullman is only to slur the man further. Cheap shots.

In my opinion, when it comes to the subject of S. George Ullman, Tracy Ryan Terhune really is the good and faithful servant of the Valentino family. That vendetta (Alberto v. Ullman) has been waged since August 23, 1926. Incredible really and now that the court records have been found and the truth about what happened to Ullman finally revealed, I think Terhune might cease in his efforts to further impugn Ullman and me for bringing the truth forward. And maybe return all of those so-called "black market” items to the family.