Monday, April 27, 2020

Some of Tracy Terhune's Affairs Valentino Images

Although Tracy Terhune likes to claim he is a victim and I am a bully, I have never, as he has and still does... run a malicious blog under his book's title where images such as these (below) are posted as home page images. Sincere people seeking information about Affairs Valentino have for years found this disturbed perversion of what my work is about.. and this has been and still is the goal of “the team” as they did indeed call themselves for many years.

All of these images were posted on Terhune's “Affairs Valentino” blog and posted by “TRT96”. I continue to defend myself, my husband Renato Floris and our books from this kind of attack and expose this unbearable situation. I will also expose Terhune's duplicity in displaying himself on the one hand as an upright and honest citizen of the Valentino world, boasting about his expertise and his Valentino collection and reading the 23rd Psalm before Valentino's final resting place... while doing this he has been and still is posting images such as the ones below to ruin our online search, to make us suffer and deter people from ever reading Affairs Valentino. I add I do have the full screenshots of the posts for all of these images.

More images to come.