Friday, April 3, 2020

On Being Right Side Up

I am a proud person with great integrity. Until my dying breath I will defend myself from the haters who have swarmed about me, my loved ones and my Valentino work to do their evil best to destroy all we build up. They have accused me of exactly what they do and have been doing and my truth is hard to find I will admit amidst the rubble.

Here, (photo below in 1984) I once worked as a single mom, in an architectural office as the art director and it was a most stressful job. My sons are thankfully right side up, successful and happy and for that I am grateful and proud. Despite all attempts by the “syndicate of haters” who would portray me otherwise in their endless effort to silence me...I care deeply about my loved ones and am a lover not a hater.

I have worked many jobs over my long lifetime and brought home the bacon as the expression goes. I am proud of my resistance and again... as long as I live I will defend my integrity and honesty in all that I do.

I have not had an easy life and times are very scary and tough right now. But this also makes me less tolerant of the abuse going on and that has to stop.

This said I am no weakling and despite being old and somewhat frail, I will never be silenced. I defend, I respond, I report and I clarify!

Thank you friends! I truly love you all! 

And p.s. "Dr. Christina" are trying to post some warm and fuzzy commentary on a blog which has been solely devoted to hate for almost a decade. Have you not realized that yet? Hello.