Friday, April 17, 2020

A Kitten Named Brunella

It seems logical to me that the child of a veterinarian, i.e. Rudolph Valentino would live his life in the company of many animals; horses, dogs, birds of prey. I was intrigued recently when Professor Aurelio Miccoli told us about a kitten Valentino had as a child. This was written about by Ivan Pissilenko (pseudonym of the Italian journalist Antonio Franco Zicari) who wrote, Rodolfo Valentino, The life, The Loves in 1927. He wrote about a kitten named Brunella who was particularly fond of Valentino.

As the owner of two tiny puppers who hold the status of royalty in our home, I am not a fan of the large dog breeds. And some, if not all of Rudolph Valentino's dogs were huge beasts lets face it. Not so much Sheik as we see below... but he had many intimidating bull, mastiff and Wolfhound breed dogs. These are the kinds of dogs small dog owners see and cross the street.

I often wonder how these dogs all got along... especially with Natacha always surrounded by the tiny Pekinese pups. In our experience most big dogs perceive little dogs as edible rabbits or cats.... basically snacks.