Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sharing Some Podcast Documentation

As a sort of follow-up on our latest podcast, I am sharing some of the documentation I cited in the episode we titled, "Rudolph Valentino, the Handyman & More" which can be listened to @ https://bit.ly/2xHNyzR

Both excerpts above from The Los Angeles Times, February 6, 1931

Both excerpts above from The Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana) February 5, 1931
(Note error in that they identify Teresa Werner as Jean Acker's Aunt!)

The Los Angeles Times, February 5, 1931

The San Francisco Examiner, February 6, 1931

The Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) February 6, 1931

Excerpt of Lou Mahoney's testimony, cite to the account #83678, of The Superior Court of Los Angeles, Executor's First Current Account, Reporter's Transcripts.

Excerpt of Alberto Guglielmi Valentino's testimony, same citation as previous excerpt

Excerpt from the Appeals Court Decision reversing the lower court order v. George Ullman in which the court recommends a lien be established. I apologize for all my colorful mark-ups. I think it is still readable. 

The Brooklyn Daily Times, April 29, 1924 

The Los Angeles Times, July 22, 1921

The Los Angeles Evening Express, July 22, 1921

Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) August 22, 1965