Thursday, April 2, 2020

Tracy Terhune Defends and Applauds David Bret's Bullying

Seems the "Syndicate of Haters", as Ms. Cindy Martin referred to them are spewing more of their signature insults, name-calling and hate accusing me of "demonizing" them and again whining that they are my victims. My defending myself for a decade and counting from their organized efforts to prevent anyone from reading our books and knowing my truth is not victimizing them. I think at this point they fool no one and even they know what is going on. They are only victims of themselves.

I was asked yesterday when we will do more podcast episodes. I know we have had a lapse but within the next couple of weeks there will be more. For today I share an excerpt from a manuscript in progress and explain the redaction by saying these words will be left for the book. The passages I have deleted here are not words I would put online. This bullying abuse has gone on long enough.