Wednesday, April 8, 2020

An Open Letter to Tracy Ryan Terhune from Renato Floris

The word symposium, from the ancient greek σύν (read syn) which means “with” and πόσις (read posis) which means “drink”, refers to the second part  of a banquet during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. This was when the diners drank according to the directions of the master of the dinner called the Symposiarch; to sing congenial rhymes, recite poems, enjoy various entertainment and converse, yes, converse... as they practiced the art of conversation. To attend a banquet, it is necessary to be at a common table and then to be part of the after dinner symposium.

Now I want to bring this little bit of history to a modern day table; the “Rudolph Valentino table” where according to what was stated by Tracy Ryan Terhune: “There is room for all of us at the table of Rudolph Valentino.”

But it looks like there is no possibility of a fair conversation in this virtual “after dinner”, because the self appointed master of the dinner, the Symposiarch – Tracy Terhune – states this only after he wished us our deaths and so “nicely” advised us to go like worms, back under the slimy rock you slithered out from” and adding the following:

The world doesnt need you.  Nor will it miss you when you're gone. Tick Tock..... Tick Tock!”

Now, after I posted a response to his post, “Tick Tock.....Tick Tock!”, like magic, it disappeared!

The fact is, that at that table, we are not part of his, “all of us”, after he states:

You are mistaken Mr. Floris, No one, least of all, myself is wishing you or Evelyn death. (Pinocchio's nose grows!) I would not approve any post that indicated that. (Pinocchio again!) The references you refer to are merely an attempt to show that most people who are in their 70's wouldn't be posting daily rants that contain lies, distortions and false information against the people they claim to want nothing to do with.”

Yes, he is right to claim we don't want to have anything to do with him.. but the problem is that those people, including Terhune, are attacking and insulting us on daily basis and have been for many years. I want to say only this to the self appointed master of this “dinner”, the Symposiarch: we never called you offensive names, we never bullied you because of your age or your activity.

You bully me calling me “Child Star 73”... yes, I was a young actor in the first years of Italian television and I'm very proud of that as it was a great experience. Now, I'm 73 years old, but for you, Tracy Terhune, it looks a kind of a crime to age and be active.

According to you, what should we do in our 70s? Stay silent in a corner, sweetly senile with bubbles of saliva dropping from our old open mouths? This won't ever happen and you can count on it. I suggest you to respect the elders and take advantage from the experience of those who have reached an age which deserves only respect. We will defend ourselves from your defamation no matter how old we are.

Regarding the lies and distortion here I state that we never lie and never give false information or distort reality and this because our first rule is... “Intellectual Honesty”... something you and your minions do not have!