Friday, January 22, 2021

Zero Tolerance - An Overview

In light of recent and unfortunate Facebook group activity, I clarify the difference between Renato blocking from his group and Tracy Ryan Terhune's blocking, specifically of us and for years. We have been blocked on both of the groups he runs, We Never Forget and Mad About the Boy and without being members for a single moment. Our being blocked is his manner of censorship of our work and a key component of his continued strategy to ruin us and bury our work. This statement is supported by an enormous body of evidence. 

So for the accounts Renato blocked, known as “Mason, Ramos and Sa”, I share a bit of a recap FYI as explanation of our zero tolerance policy about people who think it OK to be active supporters on his groups and also ours. That is not possible and here is why.

For years we have be informed via screenshots which were captured from exchanges on his groups. Whenever our work is mentioned, we are insulted, defamed, the work dismissed as “fabrication”, “trash fiction”, the “ravings of a madwoman”, etc. and threads mentioning us and our work are deleted immediately. As Simon Constable recently reminded the group's followers that the mere mention of my name was "against the rules."

We have been informed by Cindy Martin, one of Terhune's most eager followers that he has worked for years not only organizing but running what she confirmed as the “Campaign to Ruin Evelyn”. He has been open about this effort and no where is this more apparent than on the blog he has run since 2012, under the title of my Valentino biography, Affairs Valentino where he files his hateful diatribes against us and brags about diverting my legitimate web traffic.

He has run this designated hate blog, which over the years has seen many incarnations, all horribly cruel, by posting images of everything from pigs, toilets, Satan, Bibles and endless mocking images and posts about my being insane, a “madwoman”... well it goes on ad infinitum. (below a sampling of his home page images he has used on this now fake “literary critique” he runs under my book's title.)

I add that the blog was mine for years. I closed it in 2011 when David Bret threatened to open blogs about my family members. I could have made it not-public but panicked and hoped this would protect my family. It was then Terhune seized the opportunity in his most cruel way. 

Currently, he uses the blog also as a platform for David Bret to post his lies and insults about us and our work. David Bret is under a court order not to post about us online as he lost the defamation lawsuit I filed against him in Italy in 2016. While he has yet to pay one single dollar of the court ordered damages, Terhune is complicit in Bret's violating the verdict handed down in the case.

You may read the case as filed, the verdict and the evidence as filed here :

While Tracy Ryan Terhune feigns his role as an expert and the “Leader”, behind his scenes he permits Bret to comment on that hate blog in violation of a court order. Yet he does not link his posts on that hate blog to his Facebook groups and does not promote his angry and cruel posts about us.

Terhune's rhetoric reaches the height of the very definition of bullying. He calls my husband names, mocked a photo in which Renato is wearing a Moroccan robe as “the man who wears dresses”.. and engaged in an ageist and mocking “tick tock” countdown to our deaths; to mention just a few from the years of his tremendous insults targeting us on that blog.

With this scant over view of Terhune's public actions against us, it should be obvious to any rational person why we are zero tolerance about entertaining anyone who is active on his groups.

We have standards which include not being affiliated with the cronies and supporters of a person who openly bullies us. Perhaps these people who participate in his groups, do not realize the gravity and longevity of his campaign to ruin us and act hoping to “please the leader” .

I reject his role as leader of anything in the Valentino world and in my opinion he only holds that position because he bought a lot of things which once belonged to Valentino. Without that collection, in my opinion he would merit far less respect because his claims to be an expert on Valentino are repeatedly proven to be wrong.

It is no secret now Terhune partners with Bret and they have been working together for many years with Terhune initially instructing Bret to hide his involvement. (see document he submitted to the court in Burbank which is on file as public record)

Meanwhile Cindy Martin wrote to Renato on June 2, 2019, “Tracy has such power over people because if (sic) that yearly memorial he just has to crook his little finger and they all come running.” (see image below) Screenshot excerpts taken from:

And despite his partner in bullying us not appearing under his name David Bret in either of Terhune's groups, Terhune still allows Bret's known alias, “Albert Morris” to be an active participant in his groups.

We block people who are actively affiliated with Terhune's machinations and active on his groups because of the danger he presents and has presented to us. This especially is true in regards to his partnership with David Bret... who in an e-mail (preserved on my e-mail server) to me once wrote which I share as illustration:


So you can clearly see this is no small issue and for us it presents a clear danger. Terhune blocks in his groups to censor information, new discoveries and to silence voices of dissent. It is a world of difference.

What kind of people would we be... if we allowed this man or those affiliated with him to infect our space further in any way? Bullying such as he openly participates in, should not be tolerated in 2021 and I believe anyone would do the same if they were in our position. I point out to Mason, Ramos and Sa, that Terhune's motives are not such a secret and his anti-Affairs Valentino propaganda and censorship has long ago been fully exposed. Yet, I would imagine for your service as of late, you will be able now to try on Rudy's ring come next August.

But not on your life can you hop, skip and jump between the man who actively bullies us mercilessly every day on that blog and us... by using some excuse you “just want to learn about Rudy.” We are not that stupid. Zero tolerance is our rule.