Monday, January 4, 2021

George Ullman Was an Honest Man Praised by the Court

The fight has not been easy. The bastards bought the company store long ago and turned it into a slaughterhouse. It is no surprise emotions run so high.

Have I survived their years of unrelenting assaults? (see all previous posts) Good question. Nevertheless, the story is mine to tell now and I intend to do so as a survivor champion.

Those big dogs may still snarl at the end of their short leashes and bark their big, dumb, monotonous lies, lies, lies, years of lies. 

They are in my opinion just ungrateful bastards and I say to them again....take note of all the documents about your “alleged” favorite subject. 

A Page from the United Artists' Contract - 1925

***George Ullman's personal copy of this magnificent announcement in The Hollywood Reporter. George Ullman was an honest man praised by the court. #truth