Friday, February 19, 2021

The True Legacy

Renato and I have been privileged in our Valentino experience. As much as I write here to address the not-so- pleasant aspects, there are so many beautiful and incredible twists and turns it frankly boggles our minds at the moment.

Rudolph Valentino affected the lives of countless people and some who took great pains to document their stories. The history of Valentino is told through so many people's varying vantage points and personal interests and we feel blessed to be hearing about some notable accounts.

The disbursement of Valentino's personal belongings after his death, to me, represents only the beginning of what this man left to the world. The true, “Valentino Effect” settled over his fans and admirers after his death as his ultimate lasting legacy.

An object once belonging to Valentino might have its effect in marketing and influence peddling, but it is the sentiment which endures I think. While the collectors of Valentino's earthly remains shuffle their wares between them, the essence of the true Valentino legacy has no price tag and stands as the actual solid gold left by Valentino.

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  1. How sad to see the things he cared about scattered in the wind and in what hands did they end up? In hands that trade them and in hands that hide and don't share.