Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Few Tips on Recognizing David Bret's Fake Aliases

As I have mentioned in previous posts on this blog, over the years we have been tortured by David Bret (winning a defamation lawsuit against him), we have become adept in some odd things out of survival. One of these is learning how to recognize David Bret's fake Facebook accounts. As a public service to the Valentino community, I will share some of the more obvious ways to spot them, his tried and not so true methods and do so for my reader's consideration.

Bret will typically hail from a European country and I think his fake account of “Albert Morris” is the only one to my memory located in the U. S. where he claimed he lived in Miami in a crematorium. (see my previous blog post titled, “Home, Sweet Crematorium”)

He will often have no friends or purchase an impressive friends list, (more or less a few hundred friends in a typical list). Lists can be purchased at sites such as @ ...where you can buy up to 100 “friends” for as little as $1.95.

Perhaps Bret was convinced by the appalling blurb on that site telling prospective buyers the advantages of a long list of non-existent friends... which I excerpt,

“ ...Any other user who comes across your profile would then be your friend as soon as they see the number of friends. Therefore, it is necessary to buy Facebook friends initially to get organic followers later on.”

Is that what real friends are now called, “Organic”? I personally would rather have no friends than a morass of fake ones that do not know me nor know their profiles are being sold for $1.95 to the likes of David Bret. I have also found in the past that many of the fake accounts for sale are those of people who have died.

As most of Bret's fake accounts show no personal information at all, it is another obvious tip off when some of these empty accounts have hundreds of “followers”. Few people who have personal accounts have any followers, unless they are a celebrity. And people with no presence other than generic images would not logically have hundreds of followers.

Bret also begins posting immediately after his request to join a group is accepted and the images he posts (and his commentary) are signature. They are mostly salacious and one of his favorite images to drool over, for example... is the image of Valentino being dressed taken from Blood and Sand. The wrapping of the sash captioned with the predictable lip smacking... well as they say in Italian, “Che Schifo!” (How disgusting!)

Above all Bret's fake accounts are foreign, with sparse conversations cobbled together with the help of online translators. His characters typically have some celebrity connection and he hopes in this way to be infamous. Even his own alias of David Bret follows this guideline in that he claims to have been friends with a long list of celebrities.

I add if you Google his character's names and find nothing, they do not exist. Edel Man has no Google presence at all.

Yesterday I went to look at the account of Mr. Edel Man and found a connection to a new Valentino group, Rodolfo Valentino – Brasil. This run by an account under the name, “Lillian Barutti”. It took us about five minutes to see through that one with the flash construction of the entire set up. In two days, February 3rd and 4th... some fifty posts were uploaded there and all from either We Never Forget or Madness About the Boy.

I do not share this information in any effort to say fictitious aliases online are illegal or inappropriate because at times they are truly necessary. It is that in the case of Bret and that extensive catalog of poisonous mushroom accounts popping up on those two groups... I feel it is a form of Valentino Facebook racketeering, a business which is executed in a malicious and underhanded manner and in my opinion is a part of a group effort to deceive well meaning people.

And to the account run under the name of, “Beverly Mason”, I say this... “the Zumayas” did not ban you. Renato Floris banned you and for kissing the asses of the very people who bully and torture us with their vicious name-calling and sick, ageist countdowns to our deaths with their sneering, “tick-tocking”. If you find what they do and have done to us and others for over a decade acceptable behavior... then you are complicit and not welcome.

I hope this is all helpful information in connecting the dots and prevents people from not being deceived by this Valentino Facebook racketeering.