Tuesday, May 18, 2021

On The Objectification of Valentino

The objectification of Rudolph Valentino is fairly rampant these days, something made much worse by social media I think. Treating anyone like an object is always offensive to me and I feel when it comes to the subject of Valentino... we do not and have tried in every way... not to objectify the man.

George Ullman did not objectify him, neither did Mennillo, Rambova, Teresa Werner, Doug Gerrard, etc. and neither do many people who find the entire subject of Valentino a fascinating one. I believe Alberto Valentino did objectify his brother when he attempted to reconstruct his face and become Valentino... not much understanding in that act as far as recognizing Valentino was more than an object to mimic.

But the objectifying today is disgusting.... the swooning over him, the wink, wink, nod, nod ridiculous fantasies, the machinations of those demeaning all those people who were most dear to Valentino... the innuendo thoughtlessly attached to his memory online. The baseless and crass lies presented as facts.... all reveal an objectification of Valentino.

Objectifying for me is just treating someone like a piece of meat. No respect for anything much more complex. I think there was a lot more to Valentino that what meets the eye. It genuinely makes me sad to read some of the crap posted on those two awful Facebook groups because it is disrespectful. And it really makes me sad to learn about the deep objectifying by collectors. For them he is a trophy to be had... a dollar sign.

Just a thought because I think the subject of objectification is the great divide in the Valentino world. Objectifiers on one side and respectful people appreciating the truth on the other. Not sure what is to be done about it ultimately but just pointing it out best I can.