Monday, May 31, 2021

On the Green-Eyed Monsters

In response to some of the past few days slurs on the memory of Rudolph Valentino, his close friend and trusted business manager George Ullman and Rudolph Valentino's lover and wife, Natacha Rambova I say the following.

It has been alleged the past few days that Alberto Valentino had nothing but kind words about his brother after his death. Point made there: after his brother's death when it mattered so greatly that he keep his brother Rudolph's limelight on himself. I ask how Alberto thought trashing Ullman for decades was “saying anything nice about Rudolph”? I think sometimes what would be going on if after I die, people come out to say that every single one of my dear and trusted friends and business colleagues were just thieves and devious scheming people and do so without a lick of evidence? What would motivate someone to do that? I say jealousy.

Jealousy is defined as a “feeling or state of resentment, bitterness, or hostility towards someone because they have something that you don't.” “Jealous” is derived from “Zealous” which lends some interesting nuances to jealously I think. It is an ardent act of protecting something. Biblically jealously has a lot to do with coveting or wanted something someone else has.

Of course Alberto had to spin the warm, homespun version of it all but his narrative for the press becomes a tragedy for him in my opinion when he lashed out against people whom his deceased brother adored, loved and trusted. We know Alberto wanted to be appointed executor of the estate and petitioned the court for this. He was refused. He wanted to have Rudolph's adoring fans rush him for a button off his jacket. He was refused. I made my point.

Jealously still affects the Valentino world today and those cruel lashings out continue against the very people who were assaulted by Alberto's lamentable jealousy. But I believe now there is an added layer of jealously impacting it all. Jealously in the protection aspect of the word...and I think it goes further than just perpetuating the Alberto Valentino family narrative.

...because I defended the people close to Rudolph and told their true stories, the rush to defame Ullman, Rambova, Mennillo intensified. The surrogate war against Affairs Valentino was launched with these fine people collateral damage in the ritual killing of my book. Hitting them is to hit me.

For example, before I vetted Bret in that speech in 2009, he barely cared about Valentino. He churned out his little hit piece on Valentino and was on to the next ten victims of his fantasies. After I came along Bret decided to become the “World's Ghastliest Author” writing only on Valentino perpetuating his fantasy that Valentino loved only men. It was a thinly constructed premise in his first book but boy it has not held up well in his rehashing in others. (see previous post about repetition not making something true)

So all in all how well can Bret say that went well for him because now he can not even join a Facebook Group which is run by those he claims are his “buddies”? He has to don a cloak of obscurity, Kim Edelman, Alberto Morris... and hide behind lamp posts because his “buddies” do not want him there. In lashing at me all these years and years and years I guess it shows his tenacity in hanging in there and not admitting his utter defeat.

But he had to protect his hoax that Valentino was gay and/or bisexual....and he lashes out and I say out of jealousy. Because he wants what I have and that is sources.

I share this oddment (see below) as a tribute to a great source of mine...and the one person I believe suffered more than any one else because of the jealous lashings out in Valentino's name by those protecting the lies. From a review of George's book.