Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Enough Already

Just a reminder to the person who has treated us in such a mean and cruel way for almost a decade.... To the person who has run a hate blog targeting us, now feebly disguised as a “Literary Critique”, to the person who has forced us to respond for years to just defend our work and our integrity in order to not be buried in his lies... and to the person who continues to assault our good work and names without mercy, I repost the following (see below) as judging by his mean responses to this blog... he is reading it. It is now a year later since he ignored this cease and desist letter which was sent to his various, public e-mails as certified e-mail.

As of today he has been bullying us on that vicious blog he runs under my book's title to divert my web traffic... for a total of 3,225 days. (This is calculated from the first day he opened the hate blog on August 2, 2012) Despite his believing otherwise since he has not posted there in a while... the presence of this cruel blog designed to ruin us and impede our right to do business, stands loud and clear, day after day, month after month and year after year as continuing evidence of his willful effort to damage us personally and professionally.

The first post he made on that blog was as follows:

I guess by “fiction” he was referring to all the Ullman material, the testimony of Ullman's children, the Mennillo family archive and history and all those court records I recovered?

And here (see above) on the same day he posts in my voice as if I was writing this on my blog. 

This is public defamation which has been continually targeting us for more than a decade. No one has to like my books or me, but this kind of very public behavior and the length which it has gone on is unacceptable. Enough already. It is time for "civil discourse" as one comment on this blog reads. I agree it is long over due. 


  1. Not only is Ullman the target of these forum leaders, but there seems to be a profound hatred toward Natacha Rambova. It's as if they are jealous of her closeness to Valentino. Creepy...

  2. The irrational hatred of Rambova is extended to all the women in Valentino’s life, with the exception of the sexless Mathis and mother Guglielmi, who get halos and a pass. The pervasive dislike of Valentino’s women is extended to the small group of tireless female fans who attempt to participate on the forums and are regularly treated to withering dismissals and “corrections” of their posts. Unclear why they tolerate it.

  3. Perhaps because of the hatred towards Natacha proves that Valentino was not gay.

  4. Rambova’s unpardonable crime is that she was exactly where they so desperately wish they could be. Rambova, not they, had the delicious pleasure of fainting from Valentino’s lovemaking. They howl at her in resentment.

  5. Someone (we won't mention any names, but it ain't you or Renato!) is not well mentally. That same someone seems to have real mommy issues to continue to harass you nonstop.