Sunday, June 27, 2021

Pure Heaven

I have to thank you all for reading these meanderings. I know it is not always the most pleasant thing to read the angst expressed here. And I used that term loosely. More like rage.

What happened to Renato and I and what is still happening is so awfully bad that I think most people have little idea the scope of what has come down.

I realize it would be entertaining to sit and chat here about Valentino. And nothing more. But I feel that is what I am doing. Rudolph Valentino, in my opinion was and is sadly held hostage by a bunch of people who have incredibly low standards of moral behavior. They will stoop lower than anyone can imagine.

I often think I will just begin to post their past abuse, post by post. Maybe people would know how bad this has been. Its shocking. And criminal imo.

I would like to be the circus pony being all light and cheerful. But Valentino's world is on fire imo. And time to put that fire out. I think it is time to get rid of the liars and thieves and enact some good will.

I know in light of all the major things going on in the world it might seem a small thing to care about righting the wrongs being done in the Valentino World. But it is what has come to me to do.

We have not suffered this much for nothing. And you know on the 11th hour as we were set to upload the new book, a researcher we contacted almost two years ago contacted us to get to work. He is all over it knowing we await his findings. Will we wait and for how long? Will he find what we are looking for? Very exciting.

I wrestle about what to post here; light and Rudy focused fluff or keep on cleaning house.

Ok this (see below) is the last Castellaneta video I promise. Some of these were taken by Aurelio Miccoli. Thank you Aurelio! And the rest of the images from that trip are just Rajah and Leeloo running around that terrace next to our Castellaneta Hotel room. My god, it was a fabulous hotel. Except I was worried hawks would carry my tiny dogs away. Here is the link to the absolute hotel to stay at when visiting Castellaneta. A bit out of town but a must.

I can not make this a life goal because we stayed there. It was pure heaven.