Saturday, June 26, 2021

More Complete BS

*Updated post with columnist Obit below

If this was true, (see "American Injustice" article below) then why was George Ullman held responsible, through a bizarre twist of legal loopholes, i.e. missing page of the will, to repay Alberto Valentino money which was advanced to him in good faith over years. What happened to the nearly $38,000 in cold cash Alberto received before 1930. By today's exchange rate x 15 this was $570,000.00. And this was just cash and not including those "baubles" Alberto would later sell to Self such as Rudy's platinum wristwatch which netted (according to Tracy Terhune) $10,000. For god's sake how did this man get away with telling such complete BS?

I wonder if all those records disappeared much earlier than even I think they did. Surely someone could have gone and taken a look. And Ullman really could have said something but I know from his children he was too demoralized by it all and barely said a word about it to his family.

Alberto had the DNA to get some press but reading this is mind-blowing and disgusting. The play for sympathy and work might have made for some emotional copy... but truly he was doing this after he had just blown through his brother Rudolph's fortune which all rightfully belonged to Jean.

* In response to the comment left: I found this about the columnist Jack Grant from the Mirror News, October 21, 1949: