Thursday, June 17, 2021

Smoking Guns Galore

I think it is fair to say that something huge is being hidden by the Alberto Valentino family. If this were not the case then doors would be wide open, materials shared and censorship non-existent. However, the opposite is true (see all previous posts!) It took me a good long while to recognize the motley cast of characters prompting all those door slammings in my face. I was once naive about that. I no longer am.

Yesterday someone commented how they were amazed I had not gone insane having to endure all I did and still must endure. A valid question. Because at every turn I recognized another awful alliance...and at every turn another door was slammed in my face. 

I am extremely proud of myself and Renato for discovering all we have despite such tremendous efforts to stop us. The criminals have tried to hide their crimes, but they are not all that clever. Bits and pieces of evidence are about because Rudolph Valentino left an incredible paper trail on two continents.

A good detective can solve a crime with the smallest piece of evidence and this is what I feel Renato and I have  accomplished. We find bits and pieces they missed. It does not matter if those bits and pieces were small or grand none of our discoveries were insignificant.

What a moment it was for me when the research desk librarian asked me if S. George Ullman ever filed an appeal in California. It never occurred to the thieves hiding their crime that when Ullman did file his appeal his case would consist of a huge portion of the original stolen case file. In solving this crime, that was the smoking gun. 

At one point I began compiling a list of all the missing/stolen records relating to Rudolph Valentino. I have not been so diligent in keeping the list current. But does this list not present again the obvious question... why hide if there is nothing to hide?

Here follows the list of documents we found to be gone, gone, gone with the wind:

Missing from their rightful housing in the United States:

1. The original and entire case file of the California Supreme Court case of Guglielmi v. Ullman, # 83678, “In the Supreme Court of the State of California, In the matter of the Estate of Rodolpho (sic) Guglielmi, also known as Rudolph Valentino, deceased. S. George Ullman, Appellant, vs. Alberto Guglielmi, Maria Guglielmi Strada, Bank of America National Trust & Savings Association, a national banking association as administrator of the estate of Rudolpho Guglielmi with the will annexed, Teresa Werner, Ray L. Riley, State Controller, Respondents.”

2. The Harry Baskerville Audit of S. George Ullman's executor accounting of the Valentino estate.

3. All evidence admitted in the case of Guglielmi v. Ullman, including Executor's First Account, Supplemental Executor Accounts and attached Schedules,

4. The original copy of Paragraph Fourth appointing Jean Guglielmi as Rudolph Valentino's sole heir as submitted to the court by Attorney Raymond Stewart

5. The complete “Reporter's Transcripts” of court testimony delivered in Guglielmi v. Ullman including Direct Examination and Cross Examinations.

6. Natacha Rambova and Rudolph Valentino's divorce and property settlement entered as court exhibit.

7. The Cinema Finance loan records and accounting

8. Itemization and accounting of estate assets and Ullman's book keeping ledgers as admitted as court's evidence

9. Falcon Lair Grey Book household ledgers and all original extracts.

10. The original Rudolph Valentino Production Company ledgers including the Pan American Bank loan records, VAB records and all tax assessment records of payments and abatement.

11. The Cosmic Arts by-laws, accounting registers and inventory including Executor's Exhibit #2.

12. The assignation of Cosmic Arts to Rudolph Valentino Productions documents and contracts

13. The original United Artists contracts as filed as court's evidence as “Executor's Exhibit One”.

14. Cosmic Arts contracts and book keeping ledgers

15. Executor's Exhibit #4, the letter written by Maria Strada to George Ullman.

16. Jean Guglielmi's, “Declaration of Intention”, first page with photograph, which is missing from the National Archives of Registered Aliens.

And I add:

17. The Paul Ivano Memoir

18. The reel to reel tapes of the Beatrice Ullman interviews.

The following public records were found to be missing from their rightful housing in Italy:

1. Proof of Alberto and Ada's Turin residency from the Turin Historical City archives

2. Guglielmi Family Forms or “Foglios di Famiglia” in Turin Historical Archives

3. Guglielmi Family Form missing from Campobasso

4. Guglielmi Family Form missing from Filadelfia

5. Guglielmi Family Form missing from Putignano

6. Guglielmi Family Form missing from Santeramo In Colle

7. Proof of Jean Guglielmi's Santeramo In Colle residency

8. Proof of residency in Santeramo In Colle for Ada and Alberto Guglielmi

9. Proof of Alberto's Guglielmi's residency in Campobasso

10. Proof of residency for Alberto, Ada and Jean Guglielmi in Putignano

11. Proof of Ada Guglielmi's residency in Campobasso