Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Registry of Actions

Today I had the occasion to read through “The Registry of Actions”. This is a long document itemizing every action taken in the probate case of Rudolph Valentino. The itemization begins of course in September 10, 1926 and does not end until October 8, 1958.

I noticed a couple of things worth pointing out. One, that Dr. Howard Meeker, the surgeon who operated on Valentino before his death, charged the estate $3500.00 which I think is high for that day. Remember inflation at this point is almost x15. So $52,000.00

I also noticed an entry (see below) which listed the action as “Resignation of Executor”...

How often “they” like to state Ullman was removed as executor by the family, the court, etc. False.

The other thing that hit me is this. Valentino's debt was pretty much paid off by July 20, 1927, except for a charge from lawyer W. I. Gilbert on August 2. And the rest of the document, all of the pages (see below)... imo should all have been avoided if Alberto/Jean took the funds they had then and closed it all down. This was an endless legal entanglement which netted them nothing. These pages primarily consist of Alberto and Jean objecting to every single thing. I am not sure what they thought they would gain by doing that but perhaps it was like a person gambling until they are broke.

Keeping the issue alive in the hopes of what? As one of Alberto and Jean's lawyers once said, “Who knows maybe Ullman will strike it rich one day?” Or maybe it was an action, a thrilling prospect of millions. Those pages of objections and lawyering, to me represent Alberto and Jean spending every last penny Rudolph earned. Every last penny Ullman made for them.

Because back in 1929 or so, there was money in their bank accounts. They had cash to burn. And you know why? Because S. George Ullman ran that business and paid Rudy's bills, saw that everyone was fed, the properties maintained and eventually sold.

I did include this entire document in the Companion Guide, but perhaps you can download these images and enlarge them. I apologize if they are not in order but I think I make my point. Alberto and Jean's lawyers running up their billable hours. Personally I think most of this could have and should have been avoided.