Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Daven Hoax

As it was being discussed here recently, how Ms. Emily Leider contributed in great measure to the misconceptions about Daven's true role in the Valentinos' life, I was asked to post the link (see below) to the blog I run where we have shared our research into Andre Daven. This truth was revealed by George Ullman and was confirmed by Valentino himself in a letter to Jacques Hebertot. It is not so mystifying why that letter Valentino wrote or the true history of Andre Daven has not be shared openly, or at all.

The assertion that Daven was Valentino's lover is false for several reasons. First of all, neither Daven or Valentino were gay. Secondly, because the ambition of Natacha and Rudolph to discover new talent because they were artistically generous...does not mean there was anything beyond a sincere professional interest.

And as Michael Morris used to reiterate, "A fishing trip is not proof someone was gay". Innuendo is not fact. Find our research here: