Sunday, June 20, 2021

Makes Me Wonder

What a towering endorsement from David Bret we find today for Donna Hill's book of photos. Is this a genuine endorsement or a slap in the face? Makes me wonder in light of the past history of these two.

Outwardly Donna Hill has shunned David Bret, not including his “books” on her Valentino publications list. (She is also shunning all of our books) Donna Hill has many times in the past spoken very poorly about Bret and I never once in my experience found her to praise Bret or even act his friend publicly.

Perhaps collector Donna Hill attempted to censor Bret in some way... perhaps his character Kim Edelman needed chastising behind the scenes... as Donna Hill allows him to roam her Facebook Group “We Never Forget” as Kim Edelman. Bret allows Tracy Terhune to censor his posts but a woman? Based on my experience.... I would say he would react very poorly to a woman's censoring.

Because in Bret's misogynistic world, unless women are fawning over him such as the mythical Marlene D., woman are to be scorned, mocked, called hags, cunts, their bodies picked apart and verbally violated, they are demeaned and traumatized. (Anyone doubting that please send me a note and I will forward thousands of screenshots as evidence.)

I wonder if that ad for collector Donna Hill's book is a slap because I can not believe she would be so happy to have Bret inspiring things like this nor implying in the slightest publicly they are a thing. It is overt.

Cindy Martin dutifully explained to Renato, in writing, how collector Donna Hill runs We Never Forget and went on to share further details of Hill's arrangements with Terhune and Bret. Perhaps now it is too late for Donna Hill as far as Bret is concerned and he will soon relegate her to his chilling arena of hate where she will become one of his “Valentino Widows”. Whatever the hell that means anyway. 

Kim Edelman is David Bret. David Bret is shilling Hill's book and I guess we must take this for what it appears to be; a sign of her true friendship and partnership with the monster. 

Renato once wrote a businesslike query to Donna Hill asking why she openly shunned all of our books. He received her offensive reply which did not come from her. She passed his query on, and instantly I might add... to Tracy Terhune and David Bret so they could rip into Renato on that bully blog they run. Hill did not give Renato the courtesy of a reply and instead seized the opportunity to feed Terhune and Bret.

Collectors and their dog or just kookie rabble?