Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sacred Artifacts

The shirt Rudolph Valentino was wearing when he went into the hospital on that fateful day, is a sacred artifact, to be treated with reverence. Like the shirt Lincoln was wearing when he was shot. I once saw the shirt Secretary of State William Seward was wearing when he was stabbed and it was in a glass case in the Seward House in Auburn, New York. It made an impression on me. It was not being passed around between the highest bidders with the winner of the bloody shirt bragging how he got a real deal. But incredibly this is exactly what happened with the death vestment of Valentino.

That vestment/shirt is a moment in history to be revered as a part of the tragedy that was the death of Rudolph Valentino. Imagine on that awful day when Rudy walked into the ER in the Polyclinic Hospital... imagine if he could see into the future and read how said collector was bragging about how he bought that shirt for a lot less than it was worth?

Something is very wrong in the Valentino World.

All of those things belong in a museum. It is for me disgusting that these historical artifacts are even handled by these awful people, flung back and forth like currency, trophies to inflate the egos of collectors. I call for all of these artifacts to be in the hands of curators now. Valentino's history is being lost... and believe me as someone piecing it together I know this as fact.

Valentino deserves his history be preserved and not edited, censored and hoarded by a bunch of self-serving ego-maniacal bullies.

#castthemerchantsoutofthetemple #stopbullying