Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Biting the Hand That Feeds You"

Some of the only records still remaining on file in the Los Angeles County Hall of Records are those relating to the years of Alberto and Jean Valentino's collection processes on George Ullman. It is staggering to see the lengths they went to attempting to collect this money from Ullman because it was money he advanced to Alberto immediately after Valentino's death. The business losses were dismissed on Ullman's appeal and the amount he owed Alberto was money Alberto had already spent...Ullman as executor did not know Jean was the sole heir until after he dispersed the advances in good faith to Alberto. The court recommended a "fairness lien" be established and told Jean Valentino not to pursue Ullman because he did not benefit from the money advanced. Jean ignored the court's advice and engaged in a 30 year collection process v. Ullman. 

What I find even worse than this barbaric harassment of an innocent man, is the continued trashing of Ullman by the Alberto family operatives, Tracy Terhune, David Bret and their obedient sycophants. Ullman had such a great spirit to live his life as a father and grand father in a loving and admirable way. Until these records were recovered by yours truly, Alberto's lies stood as truth. Incredibly, despite these records being brought forth, Tracy Terhune continues to heap unjustified abuse on this man when in reality he owes it all to Mr. Ullman; his collection, his death servicing... he should be Ullman's biggest supporter. 

The following documents reveal the staggering interest rates, the aggressiveness of the Alberto Valentino family and what life was like for Ullman for decades on after he made a fortune for the Valentino family. This kind of defines the expression to, "Bite the hand that feeds you". (see below - Collection orders served on Ullman by the Sheriff with one document evidence Jean Valentino attempted to seize Ullman's business. The court rejected his petition)