Wednesday, June 30, 2021

An Interesting Profile

While I was searching for that passage from Cindy Martin which I used as illustration in my previous post, I read something from her exchange with Renato that has stuck with me for hours now.

Well I would say to her the following to explain my predicament:

If you lived next door to someone who was obsessed with your death, who stayed home all day long thinking about your death, posting online that you were already dead, writing long gory descriptions of your death and your corpse for fun... you would be worrying he might do something to have his dearest wish and fantasy come true.

I would be mentally ill if I did NOT think things like that.

Martin's belief that I am “mentally ill” brings up another theme they use to ruin me...claiming that I am insane, “the Madwoman of Turin”... and they are not implying a touch of madness, they tell people I am “raving mad”. Such as Eleanor Gribbin telling someone to not bother reading Affairs Valentino because it is just the “ravings of a mad woman”.

So it all begins to present an interesting profile of me, doesn't it?

A raving mad woman who forges court documents from the 1920's.... which I guess can be done on a computer according to Cindy Martin: (From the same message exchange with Renato)

So Ms. Martin, if you are reading this, I would respond by telling you that I have every reason to protect myself and my loved ones from maniacs.