Wednesday, June 23, 2021

"A Formidable Harmony"

In a previous post I mused whether all of this was a “blessing or a curse”? I am going with blessing. It is not as if we are beaten down, sad, weak and miserable...hardly. That we are not. More like we are upbeat, happy, strong and content.... We have so much to be grateful for.

The blessings in documents that seem to find us, the epic stories which knock on our door and all those mysteries yet to be solved.

In the Foreword of our new book, Renato referred to our “formidable harmony”. He could not have said it better. So I am going with “blessing”.

This is not to say the stakes are not high and we will continue to defend ourselves fiercely from the liars and thieves. If it takes a lawsuit or two more to shut that noise down from the book burners so it shall be. We sued Kim Edelman for defamation and won handily.

It is a spicy tale we are spinning and this one might burn a little hot here and there. We will not shy away at this point. We have come too far.

Thank you for all the comments...and the sass.