Saturday, June 12, 2021

Madam Valentino, The Legacy of Michael Morris

Shame on Tracy Terhune for hauling out material in his one millionth attempt to discredit me, Ullman, Rambova and Michael Morris... and in doing so neglecting to mention that the history of all of this changed when I discovered those one thousand pages of Valentino's court records. I might add those were copies of the original (and stolen) case file which Terhune admitted he had seen in the hands of three collectors, which Donna Hill told me Jeanine Villalobos exchanged for one of Valentino's shirts. I add that according to Cindy Martin, Terhune neglected to tell people those original records existed while he nurtured the absurdity online that I forged them all. Ullman resigned as executor, he was forced to declare bankruptcy and the one who was enriched after Valentino's death was Alberto Valentino. 

I hope the members of that group will dig deeper into the actual documentation and reject Tracy Ryan Terhune's attempts to give them a story which is now non-applicable and false due to the documentation I discovered. Those probate records were stolen from their rightful housing to hide the truth which Terhune is still hiding. 

And I add that Michael Morris was a brilliant mind who read those court records with me and changed his mind about many things over the years.