Thursday, June 24, 2021

This said...

In response to a comment about the love child theory, I think it might be wiser for me to wait until the new book is out which will be in the next couple of weeks (maybe less). In regards to Jean's physical resemblance I will say this was one of the least important aspects of the theory for me. I think children have a broad gene pool and I know none of my three children look like me. Two of my children bear absolutely no resemblance.

This said people who were there and saw Jean with Rudy commented. Pola Negri said his resemblance was “astonishing”, Baltasar Cue commented how Jean looked very much like Rudy and Bill Self knew Jean until the end and told me, “He looked exactly like him.” But as I mentioned this was never a major point for me as it was the totality of all of the evidence which convinced me after years of being very cynical about it.

The question I am left with is this... did Jean know what happened to his inheritance? Did he ever study the data in the court records or did he just take Alberto's word for it all? Sadly I think the latter is probably the case. Who knows? For me the most compelling piece of evidence was and still is... the decades long and deeply serious covering-up.

More on this soon.