Friday, June 4, 2021

I Say Not John Travolta

I am just going to comment on this Valentino whimsy with a big question mark ?? I say no. I do not totally reject the concept of reincarnation but Travolta as Valentino? No.

I am not saying that to disparage reincarnation. But I would dispute that physical features are passed on between lives and remain the same. And how could they manage to identify past lives with a “degree of accuracy”. What is the standard for proof in something like that? This is really thinly constructed and I never found Travolta a “Romeo” or so attractive really (hardly a Walter Pidgeon) and I can not see the physical resemblance to Valentino.

It is odd they tossed Larry Flint in there randomly because I could be wrong but I don't think a psychic necessarily has anything to do with reincarnation. Its an interesting topic but I dispute Ahtun Re's “degree of accuracy” in this one. And according to the last line there, Valentino, as Travolta, was reborn in New Jersey?

I had not seen this until someone sent it my way. What next for Rudolph Valentino's legacy?

The response to the interview today (see previous post) was heartening and I thank everyone 💗💗💗 for their support and appreciation. And thank you to Magdalena Hamilton for the fabulous post.


  1. Total bunk. Anyone who thinks Travolta even remotely looks like Valentino needs to 1) put down the booze and, 2) get a thorough eye examination.

  2. I agree total bunk.