Thursday, June 3, 2021

Rambova Was a Goddess Queen

In response to Tracy Terhune publicly saying the following:

“You can connect the dots on almost all of these characters: Ullman/Acker/Rambova/Ivano/Florey/ and a host of others. All had a monetary motive for hitching their star to his waggon (sic)”.

Is that not truly the pot calling the kettle black? When Tracy Terhune wheels and deals his Valentino merchandise like a black jack dealer? Come on.

What a slur on Valentino to impugn those people...And in my opinion, slurring Valentino by insulting his friends and lover Natacha is deeply rude to his memory. And Tracy Terhune can not call it history because he is nearly 100% wrong. 

So here it is imo after some 20 years looking through actual documentation:

Ullman... the ultimate hero of Valentino's story.

Acker.... Really... who cares. Such a bore.

Rambova was a goddess queen who as Michael Morris preached... made Valentino. The best thing that ever happened to him. And how could she ever have had a monetary motive with Valentino? She was an heiress and extremely wealthy. 

Ivano... he lost the plot later in life.

Florey... was a jerk.

And for Mr. Terhune... “wagon” is not spelled with 2 “g's”.

*(Seems Kim Edelman has found that in Old English and up until a century ago, "wagon" could be spelled with 2 g's. Fyi for Edelman...Americans do not speak Old English.)