Saturday, June 19, 2021

Rambova's Estate

One more volley of truth:

The lie that Natacha Rambova was after Valentino for his money and that she was a grasping, greedy personality because she wanted his money is just that. A lie. 

I am honored to have been granted legal custody of Michael Morris' archive... or what is left of it after the Alberto Valentino family spokesperson ravaging. I share a page from those  remaining notes they left behind and in his handwriting. Here (see below) Michael records Natacha Rambova's estate worth as $367,000 when she died. I did the calculation (see below) and that is just over 3 million dollars today. 

So Natacha Rambova needed no ones money and if ever there was proof she and Rudy fell crazy in love with all the trimmings this would be it. Because by 1966, Natacha considered herself broke, on the down side. She applied for grants for her study, lived modestly in Connecticut. In the 1920's, back in her day, her financial worth was far more. I think we can officially lay the idea that Rambova was after Valentino's money to rest in favor of some common sense and Michael's note.