Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Some Credit Where Credit is Due!

Below I am sharing a page from the court records where George Ullman is testifying about paying Valentino's debt to the Cinema Finance Company. He was aggressive in pursing the Cinema Finance Company and United Artists' Joe Schenck for any surplus funds they received because of Valentino's death. 

For example, the life insurance policies on Valentino covered the monies owed but there was a surplus which Ullman collected and much to his own detriment. Schenck was furious with Ullman's demands when he had to pay some $40,000 and Cinema Finance handed the estate another $19,000. Considering the exchange rate is now x 15... this was a great deal of money for the Valentino family and that estate. But George would pay a price by crossing Schenck and I write about this in Affairs Valentino

Giving Ullman some credit long over due and I think it is great we have his own words to appreciate. In lines #460-461 George is under direction questioning by his attorney.