Sunday, June 13, 2021

One More Clarification

A further clarification in regards to my previous post, "Madam Valentino, The Legacy of Michael Morris"... to add insight into Michael Morris' thinking about George Ullman after I discovered the records and in his own words (see below).

At some point after I discovered the Ullmans and their father's 1975 memoir, I ran as fast as I could to broadcast this news to the Valentino World as it was then known to me. I logged onto a Valentino chat room run by Tracy Terhune and Donna Hill.

I was blown away. Not with their excitement over my discovery, or even much interest...but by their anger. Terhune came at me, letting me know all about his favorite blood sport of trashing George Ullman.

Terhune's aggressively hostile reaction to me drew the attention of my friend and ally, Michael Morris. He logged on to make the following post.