Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Getting One Thing Right

I neglected to mention something I feel relevant to my previous posts... this being how for years I was accused, and very publicly so, of forging all of those records. Imagine that. 

As if I somehow dreamed up and created a massive case file of one thousand court records from the settlement of Valentino's estate? This theme of my forging records was a major point in Tracy Terhune's, David Bret's and their “molls on the sidelines'” (as Michael Morris called them), campaign to bury Affairs Valentino. I add one of those “molls” being Cindy Martin who was the most aggressive in accusing me of forging those court records.

At one point in time Tracy Terhune admitted he had seen those stolen court records in the hands of three Valentino collectors and Donna Hill told me Jeanine Villalobos exchanged one of Valentino's shirts for the entire case file. So I felt those records had been authenticated as not having been my forgeries. Bill Self also confirmed Villalobos taking possession of the case file in an e-mail to me.

Despite this, calling me the forger was still the strategy to discredit me, as Martin continued with bits like this, left on my Tumblr account on February 25, 2018:

At one point in time, Cindy Martin messaged Renato and in mentioning the records she wrote the following:

“I have to ask myself, if Tracy already had these court papers that Evelyn found then why did Tracy not bring the info forward in his own book? He could have written it or had Donna Hill help him. I mean, was it due to Sylvia and Villalobos being at odds? Was Tracy paid to protect the lies that were out there?”

After assaulting my work for years with her allegations I was some master forger, Martin goes on to say,

“It is the fault of those who withheld the info. Had I known I most certainly would have confronted Tracy about it. Same with the court documents. Its not my fault I did not know. It is however my fault that I trusted a man I had seen screw others over. I did not ever trust Donna Hill. That one I got right.”

It was a ludicrous claim to pound away for years saying I forged all of the records, loading the internet with that defamation. What kind of genius would I have to be to do that anyway?