Sunday, May 16, 2021

Real People

I share a letter from Michael Morris' archive, a letter written by Natacha Rambova to her cousin Ann Wollen. I share it today as proof Natacha was a thoughtful and generous woman.

There is also some insight here to be had... because think about it...she wrote this letter in 1964 and mailed it to a cousin. A private thing to do. Today on May 16, 2021, I send this letter out into cyber space to be read by anyone with an interest who might come across it. Anyone. I would feel guilty violating her private communication to Ann, but I think it not a bad thing to do in an effort to save this woman, Rudolph Valentino's Queen... to save her from that slurry of lies, the bastards coat her with.

This letter might point out to them that the people they lie about were (as in Natacha's case) and are (in my case) real people. If they feel so compelled to be vicious, aggressive defamers then perhaps they could do so to fictional characters. Life is hard enough for real people without having malicious hacks making it worse.

Natacha Rambova was a real person who gave her cousin one thousand dollars in 1964 ( by today's exchange rate that would be $8677.56 ) to spend on a European trip and then shared all kinds of advice about the journey. Hardly fits Tracy Terhune's description of her as the “worst thing that ever happened to Valentino”. And Natacha's kind-heartedness and generosity really proves ole' Kim Edelman way wide of the mark when he calls her a “harpy”? Hardly.

So it is with respect for the fact this is a private letter between two ladies in 1964 and was never meant for world-wide publication...that I share the following:

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