Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Power of Truth

I will refresh Tracy Terhune's ill-informed mind on just one point with this clip from court testimony (not fake as he is wont to claim):

The exchange rate from November of 1927 to 2021 is times $15.78. 

While Alberto Valentino was playing his violin telling the sad story all his life how he got "pennies" from his brother's estate, (never profited?) according to the court records of the case... which were mysteriously stolen.... he received a total of $37,411. 

This would be by today's exchange rate and spending power, $590,171.89 and this was before 1930.

The exchange rate by 1930 would be slightly less at $566,000. Hardly a few pennies. 

Documentation matters. It is the power of truth. 

And lest we not forget how Alberto took advantage of it all to pursue Ullman for thirty years trying to force him to pay him that entire amount a second time and out of his pocket. Its a sick story. And I also recall Terhune referring to the Valentino family's "never ending greed" way back when. How the tide has turned.