Monday, May 24, 2021

The Sad Old Hoax

Just to reiterate: David Bret has called me so many gay slurs it boggles the mind he is still pretending to be any kind of a gay activist. Disgusting homophobic slurs let me tell you not small and subtle innuendo.

The only reason he wants people to think Valentino was gay and/or bisexual is because he wants to sell his cheap, horribly written unsourced porn fictional books based on his own fantasies. It has nothing to do with history or integrity.

But since he has signed affidavits for the court testifying as sworn truth that he has no assets at all then I wonder just how successful he really is as far as being that “World's Greatest Author”?

If it is true as he claimed he has sold 2 million books, he should have an asset somewhere. He now owes me almost $60,000 and counting and has told the court he is broke.

Which is it Bret? Millions of sales of your books or millions of lies?

And btw...calling women “widows” and mocking elderly people with cracks about “cobwebs” is ageist and sexist.

I revile David Bret and his offensive homophobia and his frivolous appropriation of homosexuality to titillate as he tries so hard to sell his sad old hoax to one more unsuspecting person.

David Bret has abused me, lied about me and mine, terrorized me, written more disgusting homophobic slurs than anyone reading this can possibly imagine. I have been too kind in my response but the game is now afoot.

Fact: David Bret lies. And that about sums it up.