Friday, May 7, 2021

Rudolph Valentino was Heterosexual - Part 2

I will explain why I eagerly welcome and quickly publish comments posted here from “Anonymous”. I understand completely why people remain anonymous because David Bret has made this a dangerous situation.

In the past when people have publicly supported us, he has attacked them in his vile, low life way. Michael Morris supported me and he contacted Michael's superior at the school where he taught. Michael had to work that out. When a woman contacted me some time ago and Bret learned her name, he contacted her employer to try and have her fired. He did the same with my ex-husband. I realize my stating Valentino was heterosexual is like tossing a steak to a starving dog... he lunges at the mere implication, so people commenting as Anonymous is perfectly understandable.

When I say Valentino was heterosexual it is not an attack on homosexuals. Obviously. But Bret has his bellowing, “homophobic” as his only strategy... and this incredibly after he publishes book after book crammed full of antiquated homosexual and very homophobic stereotypes as well as cruel prejudice. He exploits the subject of homosexuality to titillate and my god this is such a homophobic thing to do. How is he even allowed to do this? Who needs abuse like that today? Certainly not the homosexual community.

Homosexuality should not be David Bret's literary leitmotif. And last I heard he was a happily married man and married to a lady. So is this not wild appropriation? I think so.

All he can do is cry, “homophobes, homophobes, you are all homophobes!”...And try to rally people who do not know better. But I think people do know better. Eleanor Gribbin, Tracy Terhune, Donna Hill... and lets toss Emily Leider in there for putting her two cents on those awful forums... where is your public outrage?

Do you know what I think? I think they all fear David Bret so much they allow him to skulk about on their forums under his aliases because they see what he did and does to us and know he would do the same to them.

David Bret was condemned by a court of law in Italy and found guilty of defaming me. Damages were awarded to me of which he has yet to pay one dollar. All of his arguments were ruled false and yet he continues to try and try. Who is left in this world that does not see who he really is and what he is doing at Valentino's expense? It is just a cheap revenge against me. 

He has never proven Valentino was gay and never will because it is not true. Valentino was heterosexual and that has been proven and by Valentino himself. Refer to those letters he wrote to his friend Bruno reporting he contracted syphilis from prostitutes... female prostitutes. Subject closed actually. But this subject has gone far beyond that statement and is now about the injustice, the tyranny and cruelty perpetuated by David Bret and now involves why people must use aliases to comment so they do not come under his vicious attacks.

David Bret is the greatest homophobe in this saga. I have hundreds of screenshots where he uses the word “lesbian” to demean for god's sake. And lest we forget he is a straight man who appropriates the subject of homosexuality to write his porn fiction books. He was not even so interested in Valentino until I called him out publicly in 2009. It was then he decided this would be his life cause.

David Bret has been found guilty in a court of law and the entire verdict can be read here @

I encourage people to read the verdict in its official English translation and share the link. Meanwhile an excerpt from the verdict (see below) and thank you all for your excellent comments!!! 

And in my opinion David Bret never knew Dietrich, Milva, Daven, Mank, etc. You get my point. Enough already. Excuse my English but this man is so full of shite.