Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Pekingese Puppy Dispute

The following books, all our books... are black-listed by Donna Hill and Tracy Terhune on their Facebook group, “We Never Forget” and on their surrogate Facebook group, “Mad About the Boy”.

My edition of Daydreams

Affairs Valentino in all editions, Italian and English

The Affairs Valentino Companion Guide

S. George Ullman Memoir

Beyond Valentino

Astral Affairs Rambova

The True Rudolph Valentino by B. Cue in English

Jeanne De Recqueville's Valentino - In English

The books are not all that is black-listed by Donna Hill and Tracy Terhune, they also patrol their groups to rout out any mention of our podcasts, blogs and various other contributions.

When Donna Hill and Tracy Terhune promote absolute garbage about Valentino in their groups (see previous posts) but black-list legitimate work and documentation, in my opinion it speaks of their fear...fear of allowing us in to freely discuss. Tracy Terhune is so fearful of Affairs Valentino he deletes any mention of it instantly and feels compelled/justified to run a hate blog under our book's title for eight years now. Who does things like that out of any other motivation than fear?

What do they fear? Truth basically. “We Never Forget” and “Mad About the Boy” are highly-censored groups run by the very people who try to ruin us for telling the truth we uncover about Valentino.

Another “truth”... someone sent this article (see below) which I had never seen. I knew Alberto demanded Rudy's beloved Kabar but did not know about the Pekingese puppy. Although a small article, I think the content is huge. The poor little dog being yanked away from two people it knew and loved after its master died. And being yanked away by Alberto because of its cash value. And because Alberto was not entitled to a thing past his designated weekly allowance, the court would have made Ullman responsible for the cash value of the dog as it played out in Alberto's frivolous and tragic lawsuit v. Ullman. “We Never Forget”?? More like “We Hope to Forget Everything”. And thank you to the person who forwarded this article to me.