Friday, May 21, 2021

Why Would I Think Any Differently?

Following up on my previous post and the insightful comments left, I share the following (see below). It makes one wonder what these two would have to say today. And the logical question follows; why are their descendants so silent about such repulsive exploitation and objectification (see previous post) of their famous ancestor which is being promoted by the emcee at the crypt?

I have heard all the arguments about the service being a “fine Hollywood tradition” and how now the Alberto Valentino family supports the “goings-on”/ current burlesque at the crypt.

But as someone who is publicly bullied by Tracy Terhune, the current emcee of the event, (and who has been for almost a decade) I would logically oppose it entirely. Every day he runs that hit blog under my book's title and tells anyone who will listen our work is “trash fiction” , he is bullying us. Every day he repeats that I am a “madwoman” , deletes any mention of our work from his two Facebook groups, jokes how my husband Renato is drinking his “Ensure”, etc., Tracy Terhune is bullying us. So there you have it. The general integrity of the crypt event in my opinion has been woefully compromised by his very presence and why would I ever think differently?

Of course I would not think him the ideal person to hold forth before the final resting place of Rudolph Valentino. I consider it a sort of sacrilege. And now after his most recent promotion of such a vile piece on Valentino (see previous post), I think Alberto and Jean would be very upset with Mr. Emcee... Ma mi faccia il piacere!

 (From the Des Moines Register, August 30, 1951)