Thursday, December 23, 2021

David Bret Lies About Everything

Just an FYI... everything David Bret says, writes or believes is a lie. He is the biggest liar in the world today. He has always been a liar, always will be and his pride in his lying is rewarded by Tracy Ryan Terhune. I know that may be hard for some to believe but that is how it works. Liars and thieves work well together. 

I can not imagine how miserable their daily lives must be to be so angry and full of malicious thoughts as to spend so much time lying. It is painfully evident. David Bret's level of lying is impossibly high, so high he should be rotting in jail for the all the lies he has wrought on humanity. There is still time I guess for justice to be served. It will be.

Everything David Bret writes is a lie. 


I am sure he will soon begin his saddest of all pathetic routines... his very revealing end of the year wish list of people he hopes to die. Well he can rest assured we are doing very well thank you and intend to stay that way... at least until JUSTICE IS SERVED. 

And isn't he the actual Valentino widow after all... drowning in his lies about his great love, Rudolph? 

Happy holidays to you all.