Thursday, December 9, 2021

Renown as a Master of Color

I learn something new and sad about Rudolph Valentino every day it seems. Today, it is the general and idiotic demeaning of Federico Beltran-Masses. Who in their right mind would question his iconic presence in the world of Deco art and history? Only those with no clue as to the actual fact of the matter would question the prolific genius of Beltran-Masses.

He was and is “renown as a master of color”... and “psychological portraiture”. The Stair Sainty Gallery houses many of his paintings (see below). I share a few links (below) to right the wrong apparently done by Leider and the Lemmings. And I remind them that anyone with a true discerning artistic eye and awareness quickly recognizes this man's ability. Rudolph Valentino recognized it also.

Now that I have expressed admiration for Masses, I am fairly sure “they” will come out and ensure he is vilified. But I dare to dream of ever owning one of his master oils. The surety of his hand, his academic prowess with the oils, the depth of his composition and profound ability with color can never be demeaned. Shame on them all for again demonstrating their lack of knowledge in this. Learning that Leider and the lemmings dashed Mr. Beltran-Masses was not surprising yet I felt I had to defend. Enjoy some true artistic genius here: