Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Paradise Lost

Ever since Michael Morris died in July of 2016, I have been drawn to images of St. Michael; the archangel with wings spread and foot on the devil's head. Of course this image would resonate with me, the image of the winged warrior silencing the devil's words. This, as I head into my 12th year I believe of trying to silence Tracy Terhune and David Bret's devil actions towards us.

Terhune has made many posts on that blog he runs under the title of my book, the book he is obsessed with ...many posts about Satan, Lakes of Fire, Holy Warriors, etc. (see below just one of years of Tracy Terhune's satanic images posted over the past decade to bully me on that defamatory blog he runs under my book's title) *Note Tracy Terhune's signature, "TRT" as the person who posted this for me. 

IMO Terhune has some fixation with me and the devil. And Bret with my death. Lovely couple aren't they?

So it is not so out of line for me to point out my being inspired by St. Michael. He is a sort of totem now in this battle for OUR TRUTH..

Oddly, Michael used to refer to Terhune and Bret as “Satan's angels” and “The Devil's Brigade”.

The twist in this is that Satan is not the enemy of God. Satan is St. Michael's opposite and enemy.

I think in all of the images of St. Michael, there is a message of victory over the devil angels. Or “fallen angels” I guess they are called. St. Michael is far in control of the situation. I take heart in that. More on St. Michael v. Satan and “The War in Heaven” here.