Monday, December 6, 2021

More From Mr. Throw the Stone and Hide the Hand

Despite Tracy Ryan Terhune's pride in showing off more of his Valentino collection, he fails to show off with an equal amount of pride... his disgusting attacks on me and my dear husband Renato. He hides these attacks and outright bullying of us obviously because he knows it is cruel, mean, hideous behavior and something to hide.

It sickens me he has a single shred of paper that has anything to do with Valentino when he censors the documented truth about the entire subject of Valentino and this has been proven so many times. It is a gross display by a man imo who does not give a rat's behind about Valentino but has exploited the subject to bolster his “fame” as a collector. Just because you own something that once belonged to Valentino does not make you an expert or in the slightest way knowledgeable.

While he preens with his displays of ego disguised as god knows what... behind his attempts to sell his glossy image... he calls Renato, “The man who wears a dress”, finds it hilarious to count downs to our death, “tick tock tick tock”, says “no one will miss them when they are gone”, mocks Renato calling him endless names like “child star 72” and posts a toilet as his office... calling me every name from Madwoman to forger while saying I write, “fan fiction”.... who is he kidding? Proof of this? I have posted plenty in many previous posts.

Running a secret blog under my book's title now for almost ten years where he has in the past fancied himself a “holy warrior” and hosted the likes of David Bret allowing him to violate a court order posting filthy lies about us. And yes you will not find links on Mad About the Boy and We Never Forget... Terhune's domain... no links to his Affairs Valentino blog. For this, Renato has always called him, “Mr. Throw the Stone and Hide the Hand”.

It is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice that he owns anything of Valentino and all of his collection, no matter who rightfully owns it...belongs in a public, legitimate archive available to researchers and PROTECTED from people like Tracy Terhune. He censors the story to fit his ego demands and false narrative about Valentino and in this way corrupts Valentino's truth.

I can not believe people do not scratch the surface and see the cruelty he heaps on us and the bully behavior which never ends with him. I intend to show the Valentino world those stones he hides... and it will be an interesting development.

Terhune's “sharing” the letter to Jean is to me a travesty because he hoards the historical documents, censors and bans our research and prevents the truth from being told.

What is my impression of an act of display like that? IMO it is just more of the self-serving and disreputable behavior of Mr. Hide the Hand and Throw the Stone.