Friday, November 26, 2021

Not Buying A Word of It

I mentioned in a previous post, how I do not enjoy fiction about real people. I never thought about such a thing until I wrote Affairs Valentino, but I feel strongly about it now. If ever there was a perfect example of how fictional treatments of a person's life can utterly destroy them imo it would be Rudolph Valentino. The fiction is never perceived by the majority as fiction, because it is delivered with such authority, hence the truth is poisoned by fantasy and lies.

The risk to a legacy's truth is not just the corruption of the content, but because each contribution becomes a sort of “license to kill” as it were. If one person can pass off outrageous claims as fact with no critical fact-checking/backlash at all, then anyone can.

The bullying being done under this guise in the “Valentino upside down world” has deterred so many people from pursuing an interest in Valentino. I know this for a fact. It is, for too many, as if they walked into a restaurant hoping for a delicious meal to smell rotten fish. They leave. Many not only leave their social media groups but the entire subject of Valentino.

I do not enjoy reading fiction about real people and I am sure I never will. And “their” Valentino is a load of fantasy and fiction, being preached as gospel to unsuspecting people interested in Valentino. They are ONLY allowed to carry on in this way because they delete, ruin and banish anyone who questions the veracity of their insane claims. The administrators of those corrupt groups act as tyrannical censors and not as intelligent people overseeing legitimate debate.

Rudolph Valentino did have sex with female prostitutes in Taranto as a teen-ager, this affected his vision and caused blindness in his one eye, he fathered a love child, had many beautiful lovers who were women, aggressively managed his own business, hired brilliant people to work for him, such as George Ullman, married Natacha because they were in love and made love, was loved and cared for by his godfather Frank and came to the U.S. In 1913, welcomed and wealthy. One would think any of these topics would generate a lively conversation but these topics (and our names) are not allowed a peep on the two cult Facebook groups, Madness About the Boy and We Never Forget to Stop Bullying.

I think Simon Constable's promise to vanish is just social media drama. If he can not generate enough focus on himself with breaking news about Natacha's father's spelling of his surname... he can always threatened to leave forever. Who would believe that from someone whose word is so corrupt that he posted the Cassio research we did as his own? Not buying a word of it.