Monday, November 1, 2021

"Another Black Mark" on Tracy Terhune's Legacy

“On another site”... another blaring “black mark” on Tracy Ryan Terhune.

He claims no, (as in zero)... canes were sold at Valentino's auction... when in fact (see below)

Item #672 of the auction inventory lists 13 canes for sale. Count 'em Tracy... 13!!

So he can remove his completely wrong statement claiming there were no canes for sale and his pathetic smear about Ullman. If selling something that once belonged to Valentino is a "black mark" then I think Mr. Terhune should look in a mirror. Does he own said cane in question? And he can stop using the terms "black mark" and "black market" to deceive his followers. 

How can anyone believe anything Tracy Terhune says about anything Valentino when he is so consistently, yet proudly wrong? But kudos on his cute bubble graphic there even though it represents his complete ignorance about the sale of Rudy's many, many canes at auction.

Yes. Fact.

Item #672

Complete shite from Tracy Terhune. There were 13 for sale. We await a retraction.