Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Doing Some Gardening

I confess. For the past six years I had a copy of David Bret's book, Dream of Desire buried in my garden. I knew it was there and it felt comforting to know it was no doubt decaying by the day, all sorts of dirt life creatures enjoying the awful content. Maybe a mouse found it and made a nest.

Today I dug it up and was amazed Dream of Desire had not turned to dirt. Some of it had and the edges of the book were definitely gone thank God.

The cover fared the worst, bubbled and moldy and the pages had to be peeled to turn.

I took pictures of the relic and Renato suggested we burn it page by page.

I opted for an immediate resolution and unceremoniously heaved the mess into the kitchen trash .

It is not in my nature to show disrespect to books. But the author of that book pushed me to do something I have never and would never do to any other book. 

That feral book needed to be done away with. 

I thought about posting the picture of the damage of six years in the garden but thought it might be bullying. But compared to the epic amount of unquestionable bullying he has done to us and still does, those pictures would be a silly thing all in all.

Besides he might be interested in knowing his publisher used some quality paper. What was that? Some kind of plastic? It barely degraded.

To post those pictures or not to post?