Thursday, November 25, 2021

False Pretenses

Isnt' it amazing that Simon Constable will come out boasting how he discovered that Rambova's natural father used the name O'Shaugnessy with an “O” while Natacha did not. This was breaking news he had to share in a flurry of documents. Now not new information at all... but how very odd and “amazing” that this would be tremendously exciting and new material for him to share... as if he cared about new information about Rambova...for god's sake he bans all of the Rambova discoveries I have made.

He once attempted to take credit for my discovery of the Cassio relationship with Rambova. I stopped that nonsense. But he not only has tried to take credit for my discoveries, he forbids any mention of my new discoveries about the woman and this while rolling out the, “O” in the Dad's name as hot stuff.

If he was genuinely interested in sharing new material about Natacha Rambova, he would be wildly eager to share all I found. He is not and bans even the mention of my name.

False pretenses I say. If Simon Constable was really into sharing new information about Rambova he would not be banning it all as hard and fast as he can. What is up with that?